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High Angle Cleat and Sidewall Belts

These belts can used for transporting material at up 90degree. It permits a smooth loading and discharge, Unlike other alternate systems of conveying, The side walls and cleats are vulcanized on the belt surface.

Sidewalls are available in 4 basic product groups as shown below. If purchased as loose profiles the Sidewalls are packed into non-returnable containers, there is not normally any minimum order quantity, however for special qualities please check before ordering. Please refer to your price list for information on ordering and quantity discounts.

Cleats have been specifically design to give optimum performance. The shape of the ‘C’ and ‘TC’ types has been created to offer best conveying capacities along with excellent self-cleaning properties. S-Wall™ cleats are either of the extruded type for the smaller profiles, all larger cleats are moulded to give the best shape re-tention even when conveying high-density materials. Cleats are available in either 2.5m for moulded and 3m/5m lengths for extruded profiles. Cleat profiles are shipped in non-returnable packing cartons, please refer to the price list for ordering details