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Rubber Side Wall Belt

Hilton & Mitsushima conveyor belting assures reliable investment for successful material handing such as cement clinker, coal, iron-ore, limestone, baggage, paper pulp, rice husk, bauxite foundry sand, mud, fertilizer, etc.

Special belts such as chevron cleats, sidewall cleats, full width cleats, and rough top are made to handle bulky material/packed bags at high inclination. We manufacture these in the wide range compromises of 50 mm to 2500mm widths, 2 to 12 ply, in all cotton/nylon/E.P. carcass and cover grades viz. - M, N, HR, SHR, UHR, HACR, Hygienic, in open end lengths or endless to requite size. We are experts in hot vulcanising.

  • M-24, N-17 Grade belts
  • Elivator belts
  • Chevron Moulded cleat belts
  • Cleated, side wall belts
  • Food Grade belts, Rough top belts
  • Wave top Endless belts
  • Emery grade Belts