Chevron Conveyor Belt

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Chevron Conveyor Belt

The Rubber cleats on the Chevron conveyor belt are vulcanized onto the surface of the belt in the manufacturing process. These profiles are manufactured with extreme abrasion-resistant rubber available in 45 to 60 Shore hardness. It offers a better conveying around return idlers due to the pitch between two cleats. This is the reason, we are the most trusted Chevron Conveyor Belt Manufacturers In India.

Our Chevron Cleated belts work in steeper angles of inclinations up to 40°, which allows higher lift in lesser space. Hence, there won’t be need for special idlers and it can be run on conventional conveyors. These Chevron belts come in various patterns such as V chevron, Y chevron, Bull horn etc. which are used in industries such as Cement, Coal, Waste recycling, chemical, wood, bag loader etc.

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