General Duty Conveyor Belt

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General Duty Conveyor Belt

General Duty Rubber Conveyor Belts are extensively used across all industry classes such as Conveying segregated waste to Iron ore, wood chips and crushers etc. We are the leading manufactures of comprehensive range of rubber conveyor belts for various sectors, such as mining, material handling, stone crushers, quarries, ports, refineries, etc. having excellent abrasion, cut and gouge resistance with excellent robust quality and reliability. These belts are manufactured in various carcasses such as Cotton, Nylon-Nylon, Polyester-Nylon (EP), Aramid & Steel Cord.

Additionally, our EMERY Grade Belt, have twice the Abrasion Resistance than conventional grades, is suitable for applications, where highly abrasive materials are handled, in the quarry, scarp metals & mining applications. For handling metal scrap, or any sharp objects, facing longitudinal cuts on belts, we provide belts with transverse steel breakers known as Tear resistant grade, which has proven to be more effective in preventing longitudinal cuts.

Our R&D team are in constant development of latest advancements in conveyor belts. Hence, we can manufacture tailor made fabricated conveyor belts for unique applications based on client special needs.

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