Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

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Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

The Oil resistant conveyor belts have EP as carcass which is a blend of polyester & nylon. It has better bonding and strong resilience to tearing in addition to its high levels of strength and low stretch. The surface material for the covering layer is made of NBR which provides better layering to the belt. We are the major Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in India.

These belts are best for many coking and electric power plants that utilize these oil-resistant conveyor belts to transport machine oil-coated components and parts as well as heavy-oil-treated coal for coking. Transporting non-polar organic solvents and fuel, such as soybean husk and fish flesh won’t cause harm to these belts.

These OR grade belts are commonly used in industries like fertilizers, medicine, and food processing. The oil, when extracted, has potential to damage the belts, which may result in belt delamination, bubbles in the cover and joint failure. Our Oil resistant belts provide a better solution to all these problems and provide better life compared to traditional grade belts.

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